About TonyBadwyArt

Tony Badwy is an Abstract Expressionist painter and a photographer , he has a real Passion for photography , He loves to explore his own perceptions ,how he see things as An Artist through the use of A camera and his life experiences , in order to transfer them to images .he likes to capture very intense and mood-full images ,in his expressive portraits he believes that he could touch the Soul , He said when I see the face , first I draw it with my eyes , the outlines , the expressions, the mode , I just let the person forgot that I have a camera ,then waiting for the right magic moment , the right point of view . the right natural light ,I had never use a flash for my Art Portrait cause I consider it impolite , ,it is an Interruption of our peaceful condition ,I think photography is a work of a good concentration and a very good preparation with your equipments of making yourself ready for expecting what is coming .